Old Munich

As the longstanding residence of kings, dukes and electors, Munich had been traditionally shaped by the politics of Bavaria's rulers. With the opening of their municipal history museum in 1888, the people of Munich embarked on a quest to rediscover their past. Some of their initial hypotheses proved less than accurate, the product of idealization (“invented traditions”) and wishful thinking. This section showcases those "Munich antiquities" which – viewed retrospectively from the 19th century – were harnessed to forge a proud new identity for the city.

Themes explored in Moriskensaal
The Munich monks  – The founding of Munich – The city’s coat of arms– Munich brickwork – Frauenkirche church – Sandtner’s Model – Morris Dancers – Ratskeller inn and silver treasures – Knights and tournaments – Marienplatz square – The "Rome of Germany" and its miracles  – Schäfflertanz (cooper’s dance)– Metzgersprung (butcher’s leap) – Munich Rococo – The Armory

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