Accessibility Münchner Stadtmuseum

Accessible entry

Wheelchair access to Münchner Stadtmuseum is via a ramp at the junction between Oberanger street and Sebastiansplatz square.


Disabled parking spaces available free of charge:
St.-Jacobs-Platz 12 / Rosental 7 / Hackenstr. 1
Car parks (not free of charge): Parkhaus Oberanger
Parking in the city center is limited, so we recommend using public transport

Directions (for the blind and visually impaired)

"St.-Jakobs-Platz" bus stop (62 bus, towards Rotkreuzplatz)
When you get off, continue walking in the same direction for approx. 15 meters. Turn left across Oberanger street at the signalized pedestrian crossing which has a push button and a bleeping sound. Walk left for approx. 70 meters until you reach the tactile paving at the bus stop on the opposite side of the road. Then follow the guidelines below.

"St.-Jakobs-Platz" bus stop (52 bus, towards Marienplatz, 62 bus, towards Ostbahnhof)
When you get off, continue walking in the same direction for approx. 20 meters. Take, on your right, a passageway from Oberanger street into the museum’s inner courtyard. The right-hand side of the large metal gate is open during museum hours. After about 25 meters, you will reach a 9-meter, low-gradient metal ramp. When you reach the end of the ramp, pull open the wing door located at 90 degrees to your right. Once you are in the museum, you will the find information desk slightly to your right. There are lockers and a cloakroom to the right of the desk.

"Sendlinger Tor" station (subway: U1, U2, U3, U6, U7, U8, tram: 16, 17, 18, 27, 28, bus: 62)
Leave the subway via the stairs or escalator and take the Sendlinger Straße exit. The subway exit is at Sendlinger-Tor-Platz approx. 15 meters in front of Sendlinger Tor gate. Walk through the arch and cross Herzog-Wilhelm-Straße, a small road open to traffic. Walk straight through the Sendlinger Straße pedestrian zone. After approximately 350 meters, take the fourth street on your right (Dultstraße). Continue along this road for approx. 50 meters. At the end, cross Oberanger street at the pedestrian crossing with its push button traffic light and bleeping signal located slightly to your right. After approx. 25 meters, you will be facing St.-Jakob-Platz. The passageway to Marstallhof courtyard of Münchner Stadtmuseum is on your left. The courtyard has very uneven cobblestones with deep gaps. Walk across the courtyard for about 20 meters, then turn slightly right and continue walking for another 25 meters. You will then reach a stone staircase with five steps. This is the main entrance to the Münchner Stadtmuseum. Open the large, rather heavy, metal door. Then, on the other side of the entrance vestibule, push open a second, also rather heavy, door with spherical brass handles. You are now in the museum lobby and the ticket office is about six meters to your left.

"Marienplatz" station (leave S-Bahn S1-S8 at Hauptbahnhof and walk to the elevator on your left; subway U3, U6, 132 bus - Marienplatz, 52 bus - Marienplatz Süd)
Leave the station/stop via the stairs or take Rindermarkt exit and walk straight for approx. 60 meters to the Rosenstraße corner. From there, continue to the left.
You can also take the elevator up to Kaufingerstraße. Turn slightly more than 90° and walk along Rosenstraße for about 100 meters. At the end of this section of the pedestrian zone, turn left about 45° and cross Rindermarkt street. Continue for about 60 meters and cross Rindermarkt square. The Rinderbrunnen (cattle fountain) is to your left and you will see, on your right, the large Ruffinihaus with its small shops. Cross Rosental street paying particular attention to its busy traffic. Then turn 90° to your left and use a zebra crossing to cross Oberanger street Continue to your right for about 40 meters.
Pass through the open metal gate and take a passage on your left to the inner courtyard. This entrance to the Münchner Stadtmuseum is wheelchair accessible. After about 25 meters you will reach a 9-meter, low-gradient metal ramp. At the end of the ramp, open the wing door located at 90 degrees to your right. Once you are in the museum, you will find the information desk slightly to your right. There are lockers and a cloakroom to the right of the desk.


Elevators allow free access to all floors. They are designed to accommodate all wheelchair widths. The elevators have Braille plates and audible beeping sound.

Exhibition areas

All exhibition areas are wheelchair accessible.
There is access to Moriskensaal in the "Typically Munich!" permanent exhibition via a platform lift (load capacity 340 kg) operated by museum staff.

A small section (knights’ armor, Zeughaus) at the end of Moriskensaal does not have level access. There are four steps between levels. Please note that it is only possible to visit the exhibition in chronological order by using the staircase. Visitors with limited mobility may use the elevators in the lobby.
A stair lift is available (load capacity 300 kg) in the special exhibition area on the first floor. It is operated by museum staff.

Museum stools

Portable and folding museum stools are available for the duration of your visit. They are available at the Museum’s ticket office and elsewhere in the museum. (Weight 1.7 kg)

Wheelchairs and walkers

A wheelchair and a walker are available for the duration of your visit. Please ask our staff at the information desk for assistance.


A wheelchair-accessible restroom (accessible from the front, right and left) is located on the ground floor of the Münchner Stadtmuseum. Access is possible via a Euro-locking system; ask our staff at the information desk for the key.
Visitors to the Filmmuseum, the Münchner Stadtmuseum event hall and the Stadtcafé (Filmmuseum / Movie theater) will find a further accessible restroom in the basement of the Marstall building. It can be accessed from the front and the transfer space on the right and left is 85 cm. Access is possible via the Euro-locking system; please contact the service staff at the Café for the key.

Changing facilities

A folding changing table is available in the fully accessible restroom on the ground floor in the museum lobby. The key can be obtained from the information desk.

Induction loops

The Filmmuseum München movie theatre has an induction loop system for the hearing impaired.

Audio guides

Free audio-guides in German, English, French and Italian can be obtained from the museum ticket office. Headphones are available upon request.


A free, unattended cloakroom with lockers is located next to the information desk on the ground floor. Various sizes of lockers are also available in the Münchner-Kindl-Keller. To find this facility, pass the restrooms on the ground floor and take 14 steps up to the next level.

Guide dogs and service animals

Certified guide dogs and service animals are welcome at the museum.

Filmmuseum / Movie theater

Entry from St.-Jakobs-Platz involves one step. Level access into the museum is available via Marstallhof (cobblestones). The movie theater on the ground floor is wheelchair accessible via an elevator. Two wheelchair accessible seats are available in the theater which has an induction loop system for the hearing impaired.

Münchner Stadtmuseum Main Hall (Saal)

Access from St.-Jakobs-Platz involves one step. Level entry is available via Marstallhof (cobblestones).
The ‘Saal’ Main Hall is located on the first floor and is accessible via the elevator (all wheelchair widths, Braille markings, audible beeping sound).

Museum shop

Entry from Marstallhof involves two steps. Level entry into the shop is available via the museum lobby.


You can access the café from St.-Jakobs-Platz via one step. Level entry is available via Marstallhof (cobblestones).


If you have any specific questions or suggestions, please contact our Inclusion Office via email: inklusion.stadtmuseum(at)

Plan Your Visit

Opening hours

Tuesday – Sunday 10 am – 6 pm
Closed on Mondays

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month selected exhibitions at the Münchner Stadtmuseum are open until 8 pm.

Every 2nd Friday of the month the exhibition "Here Comes the Night. Club Culture in Munich" is open until 10 pm.

Filmmuseum München – Screenings
Tuesday / Wednesday / Friday / Saturday 6 pm and 9 pm
Thursday 7 pm
Sunday 5 pm

As part of the Münchner Stadtmuseum’s Farewell Program “Until we meet again!”, admission to all exhibitions is free until January 7, 2024.


Getting here

S/U-Bahn station: Marienplatz
U-Bahn station: Sendlinger Tor
Bus 52/62 stop: St.-Jakobs-Platz


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80331 München
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