Fashion / Textiles / Costume Library Collection

The Fashion / Textiles / Costume Library Collection focuses on the role of fashion in our lives. To this end, the Münchner Stadtmuseum has set out to present the art of fashion in an informative, inspiring and even amusing way, not least through its temporary and alternating exhibitions. Fashions from various eras across the centuries are showcased and presented from all angles – providing fascinating retrospectives on the past and its diverse social hierarchies.

The collection is unique in Germany in that – in addition to the actual fashions, textiles and designs – it includes original sources such as graphics, copperplates, fashion magazines and costume books from the 16th century through to today. This symbiosis allows the creation of fashion exhibitions which spotlight the three-dimensional outfits by presenting them together with related sketches and illustrations. This positions fashion – as an expression of cultural history – firmly on center stage.