Making Münchner Stadtmuseum a museum fit for the future

Making Münchner Stadtmuseum a museum fit for the future - Complete refurbishment from 2025

Münchner Stadtmuseum’s displays and architecture will be redesigned as part of a full refurbishment scheduled to begin in the 3rd quarter of 2025 and to run until 2030. On 22nd July 2020, the City Council took the decision to extend the project’s timeline for budgetary reasons. It had initially been decided to commence the project in early 2023. A total of around 200 million Euro has been earmarked for the refurbishment.

Munich’s Cultural Affairs Officer, the Museum Director, the Head of Municipal Services, and the Municipal Treasurer have revised the timeline in discussions with the city’s building department. This decision will avoid overburdening the municipal budget in the coming years, in keeping with the City Council’s wishes. In the meantime, the extensive preparatory work already completed can be used and there is the opportunity to further our planning. Also, the relevant municipal department is now in a position to clarify how the museum can best use rented interim space and extend the interim rental contract.

Anton Biebl, Cultural Affairs Officer: “We have managed to demonstrate convincingly to the City Council that investment can be made in Münchner Stadtmuseum even in the current budgetary situation and how this can be achieved. Under Frauke von der Haar’s leadership, the entire team has amply shown the potential of this museum and its collections. It will also now be possible to make the museum’s architecture fit for the future over the next few years.”

Dr. Frauke von der Haar, Director of Münchner Stadtmuseum: “Munich City Council’s commitment to Münchner Stadtmuseum and to culture – especially in these difficult times – sends a powerful message. We are both delighted and enormously relieved! Münchner Stadtmuseum has given Munich’s citizens a chance to work with us and shape their city’s history. Complete refurbishment will allow us to offer them much better conditions for this in the future. We want to ensure that the people of Munich feel completely at home in ‘their’ Münchner Stadtmuseum.”

Kristina Frank, Head of Municipal Services: “Even in difficult times we need to keep our property portfolio in good shape. Münchner Stadtmuseum has long awaited refurbishment. It is essential that we make optimum use of the rented interim premises and are careful to avoid any unnecessary expenditure.”

Rosemarie Hingerl, Head of Building Department: “We continue to offer expert advice to Münchner Stadtmuseum. The plans for its complete refurbishment have been drawn up by reliable partners, with sound planning and a responsible budget. We are extremely pleased that implementation can now move ahead on a step-by-step basis.”

Our museum, which consists of several separate buildings built in various eras, can no longer offer a visitor experience which fully lives up to expectations. The fabric of the building of Germany’s largest municipal museum, its infrastructure, service facilities and amenities have long failed to measure up to contemporary standards. In 2015 the Auer Weber architectural studio was commissioned to translate a content-driven vision for Münchner Stadtmuseum into refurbishment and construction plans. They came up with a design that combines both heritage protection and the potential to respond to future challenges. It not only offers structural upgrading, but significantly improves accessibility including barrier-free access, an atrium that can be reached from both Rindermarkt and Sebastiansplatz, and a newly built cube section. Münchner Stadtmuseum’s re-invigorated exhibitions and architecture will now be visible from afar, underscoring just how far the museum is managing to open its doors to the city.

In 2019, the City Council approved a total of 203 million euros for the complete refurbishment and redevelopment of Münchner Stadtmuseum. Of this, 70% is earmarked for preservation of the approx. 30,000 sq m of listed buildings, while 30% will be invested in visible qualitative improvements and architectural details, ensuring a brand-new visitor experience.

(Press release, Kulturreferat, November 13, 2020)

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