Special Exhibitions

September 1 – November 12, 2017

FORUM 043: Sebastian Jung – Winzerla

The Münchner Stadtmuseum’s FORUM 043 contemporary photography exhibition features “Winzerla – Art as a Search for Clues in the Shadow of the NSU” by Sebastian Jung. Winzerla is the high-density housing development in Jena that was originally home to members of the right-wing terrorist organization known as the NSU (National Socialist Underground).

March 24 – July 16, 2017

No secrets! – Images of Surveillance

Since Edward Snowden’s disclosures, no-one has been in any doubt about the existence of widespread digital surveillance and monitoring. However, it is not intelligence agencies alone that obtain data from our use of media technologies. Automated analysis of electronic processes, events and communications is also employed to interpret people’s behavior in the “Internet of Things” and the mind-blowing world of “Big Data”.