Museum Management

Director: Dr. Isabella Fehle
Deputy Director: Dr. Thomas Weidner
Office Manager: Cornelia Wehdanner
Deputy Office Manager: Dieter Girstenbrei


Applied Arts: Antonia Voit (Head), Jutta Hofmann-Beck (Deputy Head)
Film Museum: Stefan Drößler (Head), Claudia Engelhardt (Deputy Head)
Photography: Dr. Ulrich Pohlmann (Head), Rudolf Scheutle (Deputy Head)
Graphic Art / Painting: Dr. Nico Kirchberger (Head)
Fashion / Textiles / Von Parish Costume Library: Dr. Isabella Belting (Head), Dr. Esther Sophia Sünderhauf
Music: N.N.
Puppet Theater / Fairground Attractions: Manfred Wegner (Head)
Advertising Art: Henning Rader (Head)
Urban Culture / Ethnology: Ursula Eymold (Head), Christoph Gürich (Deputy Head), Simon Goeke, Dr. Hannah Maischein

Permanent exhibitions on the history of Munich

Henning Rader

Von Parish Costume Library

Head: Dr. Esther Sophia Sünderhauf, Dr. Susanne Gattineau (Deputy Head)

Provenance Research

Dr. Regina Prinz

Project 'Migration bewegt die Stadt'

Simon Goeke, Dr. Hannah Maischein


Head: Monika Bartsch, Kerstin Luber (Deputy Head)

Exhibition Production

Head: Stefan Haslbeck


Barbara Schertel


Head: Ulla Hoering
Press and Public Relations: Gabriele Meise (Deputy Head)

Cultural Education

Head: Karin Schad, Alexandra Jäger (Deputy Head)

Booking Services Guided Tours / Groups

Elisabeth Elixmann, Eva Rudolf

Inclusion Office

Petra Waidosch

Central Pictorial Archive

Head: Dr. Elisabeth Stürmer, Patricia Fliegauf (Deputy Head)

Database Administration

Raimund Beck

Facility Management

Head: Gerhard Hillenbrand

Facility rentals

Heidi Vorderegger

Trainee researchers

Donata Funke, Clara Sterzinger-Killermann

Holders of Scholarship from the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung



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