Munich in the Time of Corona – Photographs by Laetitia Vancon

Laetitia Vancon, a French photographer currently living and working in Munich, has kindly offered us a unique series of photographs about Munich in the age of coronavirus. The images are taken from a photo journal that Vancon has been keeping for the New York Times since the onset of the pandemic in mid-March 2020. Her photographs shine a light on life in the city, documenting how people meet and spend time together in public squares, streets, and parks, and, also, how they live and work together in private homes or medical laboratories.

In many of her images, the invisible threat of the virus contrasts starkly with a city enjoying spring and the joyous blossoming of nature. She also makes it impossible to ignore just how much face masks are now a routine feature of our new reality.

Laetitia Vancon’s photographs tell stories that leave space for the viewers’ own interpretations. Although she shoots in a journalistic style, her poetic imagery offers a personal perspective on the situations she portrays. The artist describes why she is attracted by photography:

„Photography is interesting because it’s limiting. It doesn’t actually tell the whole story. It leaves a lot of space for viewers to fill the gaps with their own personal stories. This, for me, is the magic of photography. Especially in themes that resonate with me, such as the search for identity, overcoming adversity, faith, and hope, those are things that we can all empathize with, and photography gives us the space to insert our own narratives. I like to work with what is unique, and document people in intimate circumstances. I believe that intimate moments are the most moving and challenging – they force us to look, to question, and can also connect us emotionally across continents despite our differences.“

Vancon has also added a personal commentary to some of the images on the website.

We are extremely grateful to Laetitia Vancon for generously allowing the Münchner Stadtmuseum to use their images on this site.

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