since April 2, 2020

Munich in the Age of Coronavirus

    Munich in the Age of Coronavirus

    At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, photographer Olaf Otto Becker set out to trace its course through Munich. He used his large-format camera to document the impacts of the viral disease, the invisible threat which has brought radical and lasting change in public life in the city. City spaces, streets normally thronged with people, are now mostly empty. Countless shops have emptied their displays. Signs announce temporary closures. Life would appear to have ground to a halt.

    This series captures the new face of the city, and also includes portraits of people the photographer met on his peregrinations through Munich, who gave him permission to photograph them. Becker’s carefully composed photos have a singular poetic quality.

    Over the last three decades, Olaf Otto Becker has won international repute as a landscape photographer. His long-term work documents the changes that are perceptible to the eye in the natural landscapes of apparently undisturbed and intact regions such as Greenland or the South American primeval forest. As he says himself, “I’m particularly interested in documenting the visible traces of human overpopulation that live on in nature” (Olaf Otto Becker) 

    From 2 April 2020, the Münchner Stadtmuseum will successively feature on its website one or more of Olaf Otto Becker’s photos. We express our heartfelt gratitude to Olaf Otto Becker for his cooperation and generosity in making available his photographs of Munich in the Age of Coronavirus.

    This series is curated by Ulrich Pohlmann, Head of the Photo Collection at Münchner Stadtmuseum.

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