Special Exhibitions

October 14, 2016 – extended until February 12, 2017

FORUM 041: K49814 – Atmen ohne Pause (Breathing without pause)

The Münchner Stadtmuseum’s 41st FORUM contemporary photography exhibition features “Atmen ohne Pause” (Breathing without pause), a sensitive and powerful work that tackles the highly charged theme of industrial animal slaughter. This collection of images by the photographer and political activist, who works under the pseudonym K49814, documents processes that take place out of the public eye.


Since July 13, 2012

SOUNDLAB.1 – The Museum Goes Audible

The Music Collection as a "sound laboratory": In the Soundlab, an array of interactive exhibits encourages visitors to experiment with sound and acoustics: for example, by trying out a slit drum, a "xylonator" or the "stamping tubes."